Friday, February 16, 2007

Life of a Mentee, Part 3

On Tuesday, while out at Redskins Park, I got a call from Joel. This time we talked about where I saw myself going in the world of sports journalism. I asked Joel questions about what people look for in tapes, how to send them out to stations, and how to put together a tape that will catch the eye of employers. Joel answered all my questions, not only as a mentor, but as someone who has made these kinds of decisions before. He gave me lots of great advice on all my questions and said he would look at my tape once I put it together.

As if this wasn’t enough, Joel e-mailed me later that day and gave me the contact number of a friend of his who works for Comcast SportsNet here in Washington. This contact would be able to spend more time talking to me about the business of television journalism. Thanks to the Mentoring program, I’m really able to expand my knowledge and learn more about the media world. This will allow me to apply for more jobs in diverse fields in the coming weeks.

Next week Josh is going to help me put my tape together and he has already given me lots of advice on how to shoot it and what it needs. With all the help, and criticism, I receive from Josh and Joel, I hope to have a great tape to send out to potential employers.

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