Thursday, March 8, 2007

Life of A Mentee Part 4

Life of a Mentee 4

After talking with Joel and Josh for a few weeks, I started to compile a list of tips for making an audition tape. These tips are great for people who are interested in the broadcast field because Joel and Josh represent completely different sides of the story. To put it simply, Josh makes the tapes, and Joel reviews them. With that in mind, here are some tips for a great tape:

  1. The first 30 seconds are crucial. There are several other people gunning for the same job as you. When Josh applied to his first job as a weekend sports anchor in Virginia, there were 350 other applicants for the same position. If you want to be noticed, your tape needs to grab the viewer’s attention right from the beginning. If it does, the viewer will have an incentive to watch the rest of it.

  1. Variety is key. Make sure your tape reflects the job you apply for. Make sure you have shots of you in the field, at the desk and wherever else you can film. Here you need to show versatility, whether it’s reading off a prompter or memorizing your copy during a remote. For example, if you want to go into sports casting, make sure you have clips of yourself giving game highlights.

  1. Fed-Ex everything. To be sure that your tape reaches the person it needs to, use Fed-Ex or similar service. In doing this, you not only get a signature to prove the tape was received, you also show how much you want the job by paying a little extra for postage. If you send the tape via regular mail, it may not reach the person you intended and will end up in a dusty corner with other forgotten tapes.

  1. Make the tape stand out. Dress up the tape’s packaging to make it eye-catching and appealing. The person looking at it might notice yours first because of what you did to the tape itself.

So, there are some tips for making a great tape. More on my life as a mentee is coming soon. Until then, so long.

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